Tuesday, August 29, 2017

Unidad de Empezar: Día 3 - miércoles, el 30 de agosto

 ¡Aquí está la presentación que usamos de hoy!

Today in class, we...

  • Created equity cards with our Spanish names
    • Every student wrote the SPANISH name he or she chose for himself on a white piece of paper.
    • Then, every student wrote his or her SPANISH first name and his or her last name on a colored note card for Profe Katy
  • Person Bingo!
    • Please READ OVER the squares in the bingo to find ones that apply to you!!!
    • We practiced “¿Te gusta?” y “me gusta”  
    • Then, we got up and asked!!
      • We guessed like this: 
        • “¿Te gusta  __say thing here__?” 
      • The person can answer “Sí, me gusta __thing here__” or 
        • “No, no me gusta ___thing here__”.  
  • Finally, we got BINDERS!!!
    • Make sure you...
      • Chose one with NO NAME ON IT/not in the TAPED OFF section (so you don’t choose someone else’s)
      • Considered the SIZE you will need; is this your last year of Spanish?   Do you intend to take Spanish for two years in high school, or possibly three or four (take a thicker binder)?
      • Please don’t keep anything in these that you need with you -- they will stay in the classroom!
      • In addition, they will stay WITH YOU EVERY YEAR you stay in SPANISH from now on!!!!
      • So, if you still have them and can find them, you can keep your old Spanish notes in here!
¡Nos vemos mañana!!

La tarea, or the HOMEWORK:  Get the back page of the syllabus signed by a parent/guardian, and bring it back!!

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