Tuesday, October 3, 2017

El día de trabajo - WORKDAY

La lista de objetivos para nuestro DÍA DE TRABAJO
Workday Checklist

Look at both sides of your ORANGE BINDER CHECK SHEET is anything missing?  Is it actually in a different part?    You can complete it to get some late credit.
  • ¡Sí!   I looked.
  • ¡Sí!  I got a copy of any missing work!

Then, please COMPLETE:
  • EL CUENTO sheet -- use your CUENTO PACKET, the POWERPOINT that’s going right now, and your notes/brain to get this filled out! You can do it!!
  • Any missing BINDER work -- you can use the blog to help you get things filled in!
  • Your QUIZ (on the colored paper, from Thursday 9/21 and Monday, 9/25) if you haven’t!
Use the technology to CHECK YOUR GRADES on the portal -- Is there anything incorrect?
  • ¡Sí!  I checked, and everything is correct.
Extra time?  CHOOSE your own adventure!

  • Create flashcards for the verbs TENER, QUERER, and SER and the Class Materials!
  • Use these resources to practice TENER, QUERER, and SER:
  • Get a story sheet from the other Spanish 1 class and check out what they wrote.  Check your understanding!

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